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AVSEC Training, Vetting and Recruitment Specialist

Why choose AVTAV ?

AVTAV understand the importance of complying with regulatory requirements and ensuring that security measures are upheld across the aviation supply chain.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our workforce are fully prepared, qualified, and compliant for their specific role. The provision of high quality, effective AVSEC training is an essential part of the recruitment process within the aviation sector to ensure compliance with regulations are met and competency of staff is assured. Our cross-sector experience means that our teams fully understand the complexities and challenges that our clients face in this highly regulated industry, from initial staffing needs to the ongoing management and service expectations of both a training and labour provider. Our services are available individually or as part of a full-service bespoke package specific to our client’s needs. We understand the importance of supplying an efficient time-critical service. We know that last-minute requirements are to be expected and that our clients demand a supplier that is fully immersed in their business, understands their expectations, is proactive and prepared to deliver on time without compromising on quality or compliance. Our teams are made up of aviation recruitment and vetting experts, alongside training and AVSEC specialists. Our expertise in the aviation supply chain means that our clients can rest assured we can deliver a service that exceeds expectations, taking away the hassle of multi-supplier usage.

Our Mission Statement

To be the service provider of choice through confidence in our dedication and ability to deliver exceptional customer service standards. To make a positive impact on people’s lives and organisational performance and to always exceed expectation.

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Our Moto

Compliance, Expertise and Experience Your Single Aviation Solution